The End For Good

I still believe in God.

I may not understand God, and I may not agree with God, but that doesn’t meant he doesn’t exist.

And God didn’t sentence me to ten years. The judge did.

And I don’t blame the judge for doing his job and following the law either.

I used to blame those immigrants for jaywalking because they did break a law.

Now I forgive them. They made a mistake, just like me.

Except they lost their lives for their mistake.

I still have my life. It’s just temporarily on hold.

I will miss my freedom, my family and some friends.

I had to leave the bad friends behind. Life is too short, and I’ll be meeting plenty of bad people in jail.

I’m not a bad guy. I’m not very good either. I’m regular and I’m here because I made some bad choices.

For my personality type ‘getting straightened out’ always meant either: enlisting in the army or temporary imprisonment. Still beats Dunning-Kruger and dying like a jackass.

When I get back I will have a plan for my life, and a couple of books ready for publishing.

Poems, Self Help, 2x Novella, and 1 mid size novel.


I report to jail soon, but I have God and God has a plan for me.

I’m not a ghost yet.

I have hope.

Thanks for reading.