by plermpt

I do not like *new* governments. period

I came to the ballot with the goal to become the next government. Since I was a big fat baby, the government had been my dream. The election to become a government, and to enter the poll zone and become the next big judge, what more can a kid ask for in life? Not just any kid.

Today, a week after the polling stations have closed, I am too late to run for office. I was wrong. We weren’t. It’s time I get ready for next Halloween, and prepare myself to run for Judge again. This time, I am going to need your protest.  And On Election Day.

And now?~

The ballot is unfair. 1 state, 1 vote. This is how the government becomes. I am so sick of the corporate lobbyists, the racism of the vote. and etc. 1 corporation=1 body. When we stand as together, we should all be casting the one big vote. NO MORE FUSION!

I am in an awe for words. On 11/9, nobody won. Just the law. Does the law breathe! Hell NO. Then it cannot vote!

How can an election? Where is the economics. And everyone else. Why come the loud and the sex too? Race and sexism, that’s how.

Be precise in your anger. Be the How? Not the why. Shout: ‘Anger! Anger! Anger! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!’ Get through to the economics of your poll arena. One week later, and we don’t have to be late next time because now is the time! The next sex one doesn’t either, so Block your Governor.


Stay big and get angrier. We can elect anyone we want becasue WE are the state! Never Forget 11/9, so Scream it out.


‘State! We are the state and we are here to stay.’

Cardboard bags to write it on. Its voice, not color.

Celebrites, do your part and We WILL LISTEN. Tell your friend at home to become the next corporate star and we can take back our ballot for a re-vote. Not a vote for racism this time, but against it.

We need you to vote. I need you to vote. I desperately need you to understand me. Desperately like sex. Why? Because of sex lives and implementation of discouraged, disseminated and disenfranchisement of every corporation, living or dead, freedom and the like. If the government passes a second law, and the people become violent. It’s not rocket science, and it’s not butt sex. It is called politics as usual and it is law.

Protest begins with the state as us, and it ends with bigotry of the highest magnitude. Worse comes to worse. NEVER AGAIN ;(

We haven’t lost. There is so much diplomacy. There is a bigot, but its not ok~we know that now–for now.