i miss writing

by plermpt

i haven’t had any time in the past week to write, and i won’t have any time in this next week to write either. i live tweeted a nervous breakdown i had at a party where i didn’t know anybody and didn’t want to meet anyone new, but i do not count that as writing. i hate waiting. i can’t begin to guess how much time is wasted on waiting, and not writing. i don’t like to feel like i am not in control of my dwindling free time. i chewed the gumball until it was nothing but my own spit.

i read a mira gonzalez interview about being twitter famous and i emailed it to myself with the intentions of writing a parody of her self importance, but i don’t have the time to do so before it become irrelevant. it was good and i read the whole thing and so should anyone that wants to be internet important.

one week to the election and nothing will change. nanowrimo starts on tuesday. i’m thinking about corruption on the local level and an unsolved murder. the inevitable recession, and starting a social media marketing agency and earning $1500 extra a month, working from my ipad on a beach in hawaii.

red baby and cousin fella and if a weird twitter account takes anything but an apolitical stance they are unfollowed. what color is your car? pull up a little bit. i’m learning to pray. if you can give me some of my free time back i promise