china :(

by plermpt

i found a dvd at a falun gong booth in grand central about the chinese communist party, and i watched part 1 of 10 and it made me feel sadly for china. if that was the purpose of the dvd, it succeeded.

Part 1: On What the Communist Party Is

Part 2: On The Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party

Part 3: On The Tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party


the dvd was called “nine commentaries on the communist party” and the first part gave a brief purview of the political events that have taken place in China since it’s modernization period. the narration was the somber and stern voice of an american man, backed by moving music and played over banned images of party sanctioned violence.

ancient china was one of the world’s greatest civilizations and before its contemporary period of modernization, china was open for trade with europe. but more than goods, ideas also flowed between these civilizations, and the chinese communist party formed in the 1920s.

some of my college professors described communism as a ‘nice idea gone bad,’ referring to stalin’s purges, mao’s great leap forward, and cambodia’s khumer rouge as flubs in its otherwise peaceful philosophy. but reading marx’s manifesto proves that the ends of a forced egalitarian utopia comes with a catch: terror and bloodshed.

marx describes communism as ‘a specter that is haunting europe,’ suggesting that its looming ascension was inevitable. lenin discovered that force, as described in the manifesto, was the only way to coerce people to give up their personal property.

this looming specter in the 1850s became a terrifying wraith in china in the 1950s—hell was exacted on civilians following the defeat of the nationalists in the chinese civil war. like russia, an iron curtain settled over this once great culture, erasing its vibrant history from the minds of the people.

the means to utopia can never be peaceful, because one man’s utopia is another man’s hell. therefore, until every dissident is purged, everyone lives in a dystopia. this was the reason communists were feared in the 1950s–much like islamic terrorists are feared today–because they were radicals using violence as a tool to terrorize people into submission.

communist dictatorship limits economic growth. communist countries produce less, and therefore, trade less. when there is less to trade, there is less wealth that can be created for all nations. a nation that is poor cannot trade globally, and all nations lose.

the dvd was very spooky when describing members of the chinese communist party. as individuals, they are ordinary; they love their families and friends. but when they come together, they lose their sense of compassion, and become part of the pragmatic party machine whose goal is to maintain total control.

communist china is a misnomer. its economy is now profit motivated. the chinese government chose to change its ideals to maintain total control over the lives of its people: their information is censored and their history is rewritten by the communist party. they have no upward mobility and no freedom of religion or freedom of speech.

religion is outlawed in communist china, and practitioners of falun gong, a mind and body exercise, have been arrested and jailed for their beliefs. falun gong is peaceful, but its popularity represents a threat to the chinese communist party. there is increasing evidence that the organs of these political prisoners are trafficked, as whistleblowers revealed that imprisoned practitioners were killed in hospitals. chinese organ transplants have increased in large numbers since the falun gong crackdown began in 1999, and other victims of these transplants include uyghurs, christians, and tibetans.

in a country of one billion people, it is easy to overlook this minority as small and therefore inconsequential. but disputing the accuracy of civilian body count is a petty argument and devalues human life. even one person killed by its government in the name of an ideal is unforgivable.

communism wasn’t “executed poorly”, and it’s noble aims were not corrupted. communists are violent revolutionaries bent on installing a godless totalitarian regime. china’s government is evil, as is its support of north korea and cambodia.

china, the once great civilization, has been enslaved by this anachronistic specter of communism, and will remain under the influence of its regime for years to come. the great history of its great people has been erased, and its people will never know freedom.

the blight of communism, and its ability to wipe out human nature and ancient culture made me feel very sad, and now i’m imagining sharia law in belgium in 100 years. thanks for reading.