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Month: October, 2016

i miss writing

i haven’t had any time in the past week to write, and i won’t have any time in this next week to write either. i live tweeted a nervous breakdown i had at a party where i didn’t know anybody and didn’t want to meet anyone new, but i do not count that as writing. i hate waiting. i can’t begin to guess how much time is wasted on waiting, and not writing. i don’t like to feel like i am not in control of my dwindling free time. i chewed the gumball until it was nothing but my own spit.

i read a mira gonzalez interview about being twitter famous and i emailed it to myself with the intentions of writing a parody of her self importance, but i don’t have the time to do so before it become irrelevant. it was good and i read the whole thing and so should anyone that wants to be internet important.

one week to the election and nothing will change. nanowrimo starts on tuesday. i’m thinking about corruption on the local level and an unsolved murder. the inevitable recession, and starting a social media marketing agency and earning $1500 extra a month, working from my ipad on a beach in hawaii.

red baby and cousin fella and if a weird twitter account takes anything but an apolitical stance they are unfollowed. what color is your car? pull up a little bit. i’m learning to pray. if you can give me some of my free time back i promise

china :(

i found a dvd at a falun gong booth in grand central about the chinese communist party, and i watched part 1 of 10 and it made me feel sadly for china. if that was the purpose of the dvd, it succeeded.

Part 1: On What the Communist Party Is

Part 2: On The Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party

Part 3: On The Tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party


the dvd was called “nine commentaries on the communist party” and the first part gave a brief purview of the political events that have taken place in China since it’s modernization period. the narration was the somber and stern voice of an american man, backed by moving music and played over banned images of party sanctioned violence.

ancient china was one of the world’s greatest civilizations and before its contemporary period of modernization, china was open for trade with europe. but more than goods, ideas also flowed between these civilizations, and the chinese communist party formed in the 1920s.

some of my college professors described communism as a ‘nice idea gone bad,’ referring to stalin’s purges, mao’s great leap forward, and cambodia’s khumer rouge as flubs in its otherwise peaceful philosophy. but reading marx’s manifesto proves that the ends of a forced egalitarian utopia comes with a catch: terror and bloodshed.

marx describes communism as ‘a specter that is haunting europe,’ suggesting that its looming ascension was inevitable. lenin discovered that force, as described in the manifesto, was the only way to coerce people to give up their personal property.

this looming specter in the 1850s became a terrifying wraith in china in the 1950s—hell was exacted on civilians following the defeat of the nationalists in the chinese civil war. like russia, an iron curtain settled over this once great culture, erasing its vibrant history from the minds of the people.

the means to utopia can never be peaceful, because one man’s utopia is another man’s hell. therefore, until every dissident is purged, everyone lives in a dystopia. this was the reason communists were feared in the 1950s–much like islamic terrorists are feared today–because they were radicals using violence as a tool to terrorize people into submission.

communist dictatorship limits economic growth. communist countries produce less, and therefore, trade less. when there is less to trade, there is less wealth that can be created for all nations. a nation that is poor cannot trade globally, and all nations lose.

the dvd was very spooky when describing members of the chinese communist party. as individuals, they are ordinary; they love their families and friends. but when they come together, they lose their sense of compassion, and become part of the pragmatic party machine whose goal is to maintain total control.

communist china is a misnomer. its economy is now profit motivated. the chinese government chose to change its ideals to maintain total control over the lives of its people: their information is censored and their history is rewritten by the communist party. they have no upward mobility and no freedom of religion or freedom of speech.

religion is outlawed in communist china, and practitioners of falun gong, a mind and body exercise, have been arrested and jailed for their beliefs. falun gong is peaceful, but its popularity represents a threat to the chinese communist party. there is increasing evidence that the organs of these political prisoners are trafficked, as whistleblowers revealed that imprisoned practitioners were killed in hospitals. chinese organ transplants have increased in large numbers since the falun gong crackdown began in 1999, and other victims of these transplants include uyghurs, christians, and tibetans.

in a country of one billion people, it is easy to overlook this minority as small and therefore inconsequential. but disputing the accuracy of civilian body count is a petty argument and devalues human life. even one person killed by its government in the name of an ideal is unforgivable.

communism wasn’t “executed poorly”, and it’s noble aims were not corrupted. communists are violent revolutionaries bent on installing a godless totalitarian regime. china’s government is evil, as is its support of north korea and cambodia.

china, the once great civilization, has been enslaved by this anachronistic specter of communism, and will remain under the influence of its regime for years to come. the great history of its great people has been erased, and its people will never know freedom.

the blight of communism, and its ability to wipe out human nature and ancient culture made me feel very sad, and now i’m imagining sharia law in belgium in 100 years. thanks for reading.

Sugar’s Hold

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” said sugar. “Why not an avocado?” said someone that never saw the light of God again.

Sugar is clever. When it blamed saturated fat, we believed. After all, sat fat causes heart attacks. And look at us. We are fat! Saturated fats are the cause of all of this. The more fat we consume, the more our bodies store it on our stomachs and under our chins, and behind our ears and knees. Our fat is hidden in plain sight, growing ordinary over the course of generations while we are passed out on the couch. Now everyone is fat somewhere! But we don’t want to be fat anymore, so we listened to sugar.

Of course we knew that we didn’t need sugar too. But we didn’t choose sugar. Sugar chose us. Sugar chose us to choose it. Sugar *knows* that it makes everyone feel happy, that it provides comfort that begins inside the mouth and spreads throughout the body, and that it makes *everything* better. And it starts in the brain. But we know this, and we show restraint. We think.

This is why we are ashamed when we eat two desserts. It is supposed to be moderated because it has ~no nutrients~

Sugar, therefore, should be moderated for personal use. Alcohol is totally fine in moderation. Hell, heroin is fine in moderation, though its addictive properties make it difficult to control…and its instant, unpredictable fatalities make it obviously dangerous. So heroin is illegal for this reason and also it doesn’t taste good like sugar does. Also children can’t celebrate birthdays with heroin cake.

But we don’t even know how much sugar is in all things. Not just candy or the liquid candy. Sugar is even in the good fruit. The God made fruit. Fruit was nature’s dessert. Yes, fruit has sugar in it. Yes, sugar is God made. So God also made the devil. Ok. But fruit has other nutrients. That’s why I heard my mom screech, “Eat a fruit!” when I reached for an Oreo. Cookies have no nutrients. They are wondrous works of art, but they are the devil in disguise.

Look what happened when Eve couldn’t resist the forbidden fruit, and look what it did to all of us!

Sugar latches itself onto anything. Makes itself irresistible to the brain when it circulates in the blood for long enough. One bite from a woman thousands of years ago was all it took to damn all of mankind’s discoveries.

It is not enough that caffeine exists on its own…it also has to be sweet. Everything has to be sweet. That pulse that swells the veins on the skull…that has to be sweet blood. “I’ll take three sugars please. [looks to the person on line behind them] At least its not five sugars though, right?”

Coffee is old, like sugar. Unlike coffee, sugar cannot be consumed alone. (Yes, I have eaten sugar cubes when constructing a model igloo in 2nd grade.)But coffee can be consumed without sugar. Enjoy the bean drink for the flavor of the bean. The flavors can be learned and appreciated. Like a class. Like wine. But wine is sugar class. There is sugar in alcohol too.

That’s what I’ve learned. Put milk in it if you need that shit, but there is sugar in milk too. Mix wine with milk if you want to meet the devil sooner.

They like to talk about our reliance on foreign oil like its a bad thing. Oil is useful. What about your body’s reliance on sugar? Sugar isn’t useful for anything other than shackling your body to the devil.

But is looks so cute! And therefore harmless. And it tastes so good. That’s why sugar is sexy to me. Because the consequence of teal colored sprinkles on a fluffy white cake is your toes melting off your foot. Have you ever seen an autopsy of an overweight person? Not obese, just regular overweight?

And ask anyone with thirty ulcers in their stomach where they got it from: splenda and aspertame. Sugar substitutes. Sugar doesn’t just come in granules anymore. It is made in labs. So when the label says sugar free, it doesn’t actually mean it. There is still some meet-the-devil sweetener in there. Nothing in life is free. Today the devil is man made, and is just as addictive.

Drink a big gulp if you want to, but when you do it more than once a week, you have been captured by the devil, and when the devil has your health, does it matter how good you are to others? You have failed yourself first, the most important person in the world!

Enjoy it the way you like it, but remember:

There is a Satan. We know him in everything we eat.

Think about it like this quote that’s probably from The Hobbit: “The greatest thing the devil did was convince the world he did not exist.”