dreaming in vomit

by plermpt

russell wore a grey smock    he shuffled down the hallway    gray babies on his feet     gray, buzzed hair on his head  his face hung like a bulldog’s    his ass was underneath the smock   somewhere     he was born lobotomized  there he goes down the hallway    his bib is dry for now     hope he doesn’t puke

someone else was there   what was his name?   he was also a man  it was a mental institution, or it was a jail cell  they puked  the man that wasn’t russell     consider it good luck    “only him”

russell was a good man    he puked because he couldn’t hold it in   part of his condition i suppose   but this man    this man puked for himself     he puked again  and he didn’t clean it    a nurse was nearby, and he needed to puke    grey chunks down her back    he lifted her collar and puked   he puked on himself later again  he was still on his own puke   it hadn’t dried

it wasn’t russell    this was a sour man this man was hate     russell was like a child  this one drooled mentally   when not russell puked it made me feel safe    the nurse will never get use to it, but the puke was grey and made us all smile and write it down