now i’m triggered

by plermpt

internet alt poet @miragonz recently tweeted:

i’m not saying that i *want* trump to be assassinated, i’m just that saying him dying seems like a much better option than him not dying

sigh…i used to like this girl….

mira’s time is *famously* spent working from the internet, in seclusion, at home. thus, she can easily join her ostentatious friends and relocate to new zealand for a year or two if trump gets elected. but why put forth the effort of relocating when taking the life of the threat is a “better option?” no relocation required!

mira is an internet celebrity, so she is only *known* by her fans. to stay relevent she must tweet constantly, and since it’s election season it makes sense that she is outspoken on the subject of politics, even if her opinions are just as ignorant as any facebook feed.

trump is a controversial demagogue, but he has not yet been elected president. therefor, he has not done anything besides talk. “him dying” eliminates the need to make a cogent argument against his politics. in other words, it is easy; it proves that mira has no argument, since she’d rather trump be assassinated–the dead cannot talk anymore.

mira’s evil intents cannot be masked by her wry tone. this is violent rhetoric that gets a free pass because of its smarmy replacement of ‘living’ with ‘not dying.’

and sadly, this sort of regressive thinking is far too common.

i wish “celebrities”–im looking at eric andre too–with careers in entertainment wouldn’t open their mouths and expose their political beliefs to me. you lose customers that way! just shut up and make us laugh or cry without using your career as yet another platform for politics that i don’t want.

understandably, most people are too busy to be educated on the nuances of every issue. this fact does not stop anyone from having a political opinion or using social media to voice them. there is nothing wrong with voicing uneducated opinions on social media if they do not call for violence against political opposition.

i want to believe that mira is in the minority, but her clout on social media will lead to the normalizing of violent rhetoric, and deepen the ideological and racial divide of the american people, which, among other factors, has given a rise to populist candidates like trump and sanders in the first place.

but mira is not assassinating trump to clear the path for her candidate, so it doesn’t matter if mira supported sanders or clinton–she is assassinating him for the likes. for the popularity, for the applause. it is popular to hate trump, and ironically, it isn’t unsafe to call for his assassination, especially if one is *cute* and *witty* about it.

mira wants to be known for being unique and thoughtful and pensive, but she’s just another vapid blabbermouth on the internet.