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Month: April, 2016


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becoming too serious?

being serious, i thought, should be avoided. it could be associated with sternness, and result in the boredom of others.

but the benefits of keeping a serious demeanor outweigh the drawbacks. i think.

of course, its all context, but being taken seriously means being knowledgeable while using reason to keep cool. this earns respect, a very useful benefit.

the drawbacks of being serious is boring your audience. but do i care for an audience that doesn’t value truth?

the past few weeks i’ve had lengthy conversations about impersonal, contentious topics with some friends. for these hours i didn’t even feel like making a joke. (so many openings, but no regrets.) i had a point to nail, which i fucking did.

i continued the conversation with myself when we parted ways because the adrenaline was pumping buckets. (expert level: making my opponent laugh at their previously held beliefs.)

being serious has never been so thrilling! i want to become more serious more often.

the FBI is serious. the law is serious. life and death are serious too. being serious might even be more interesting then getting laughs?

today, during the weekly office meeting, i witnessed an immaculate display of professional seriousness.

the nameless deputy commissioner gave her weekly update, which included a legally sensitive secret: the disclosure of a surprisingly still-relevant celebrity ambassador for our agency.

her voice was so impersonal and serious. crossing her would mean consequences.

she continued her short update with a concise and informative list. i listened intently. she was so thorough. (arousal is serious but unprofessional.)

i smiled. almost like she had told a joke.

i wanted her to notice me appreciating her stern tone. i get it i imagined myself whispering and nodding in agreement, not just on her words, but her entire demeanor. i’m serious too.

but what she really needed from me was to do the job i was hired to do.

she probably speaks three languages, none of them her native tongue. she probably does spin class before work. she’s probably researching independently.

she reminded me of a great teacher. a teacher that makes me want to learn. facts are serious because they wield serious power.yeah.

of course, there are those people that are buoyant and hilarious but can flip a switch and become very serious. like amanda. she makes me crack up (on the inside though, i need to maintain my composure at work, i’m serious now.) but she can also rouse fear, and therefore, respect.

having a serious demeanor amuses me. but i don’t think amusement with seriousness lasts too long, because amusement isn’t serious, right?

amusement must be earned thinks a very serious man.

amusement parks, the carnival industry, there are executives involved here that take amusement very seriously, in both demeanor and practice. but it’s the amusement of others that is serious to the executives. they are not there to amuse each other.

like, they practice seriousness when striking business deals, because making money is a serious topic. the well-being of human lives is at stake.

obviously, it would be unprofessional to make inappropriate jokes when talking about business with potential partners. or maybe it would ease the tension. tension that is created by seriousness. i need to think more like the deputy commissioner.

but seriousness inspires confidence in the client. so, only make on color jokes when the contracts have been signed with the lawyers and/or bakers present and the press is asking questions. wipe the sweat from the brow, and make a cool joke, you’ve earned it.

i think that comedic timing can be made more devastating when it interrupts a serious demeanor anyway. great comedic timing is unexpected. i can be both. i think.

tv drama is serious. but there are some jokes in there too. it’s not always serious, at least not the really good ones like the sopranos. life itself shouldn’t always be taken one way.

i am moved less by comedians lightening a contentious topic with jokes, where they hide their bias.

i’m digressing. this is about the benefits of keeping a firm, serious demeanor. or it was.

but seriousness needs to be portrayed correctly. still possible to fall asleep when someone is serious for too long. it’s not rude, its a reaction.

when jesse passed out from drinking and the back of his head hit the corner of the table i laughed as a defense mechanism, but everyone was so hushed and serious when the paramedics arrived that i fell asleep.

learning about serious topics, seeing serious events happen on tv, its my default to be cynical and shrug it off, thinking, we’ll all be dead someday anyway.

but what happens before we are dead? we are alive. life is fragile, which is serious. i suppose.