Update & Porkins Policy Plug & Ramble

by plermpt

I’ve spent the past three weeks daily editing Right Here 2 with the aim of uploading it to YouTube last Friday. Meeting that deadline would have meant rushing it to completion, and given the time sensitivity of some of the footage, I couldn’t feel confident that the product would have been worth the effort of meeting that arbitrary deadline. The footage is like a shredded jigsaw puzzle, and I’m convinced that I still need to shoot more of it to plug up the holes in the “plot”. The cold weather and my new job has briefly slowed my momentum, but I cannot deny that I have edited more of it in the past three weeks than in the past two years, and that I will definitely be done soon. The urge to finish it has come to a head.

In the meantime, I’d like to gloat about a semi-prophetic short story I wrote last year about Beyonce’s endorsement of a “raisin man” who engineers a famine when he attains power. Although it was written as a joke, Beyonce’s political charged Superbowl performance is either 1) innocuous example of what Tom Wolfe describes as “radical chic” or 2) an endorsement of violence and biased interpretation of history. Regardless of where you fall on the issue, Beyonce has sway in her hips and her words and can never represent the masses because she is the .0000001%. Her views should be taken with a bucket of salt.

Lastly, my colleague from Purchase College and Porkins Policy Radio creator Pearse Redmond is launching newsbud, an independent online news source that has a few days left on its kickstarter.

Before PPR I was a default liberal with little interest in politics or history. Porkins was the door to a vault of knowledge “overlooked” by high school history teachers and mainstream media narratives. As I tried reassembling the pieces of my worldview, I took a good look at each piece individually and saw it under the light for what it was: a vast palette of grays.

Becoming informed on the reality of geopolitics in 2016 will also inform you of which non corrupt NGO to donate to. The truth will hurt.

And since radical leftists are getting all of the press these days check out this indy doc on the radical right.