phases of writing a blog post

by plermpt

1. read something

2. read something else

2. read something else

3. repeat steps 1-3

4. think about what i read and how it relates to another thing i read

5. draw a conclusion

6. forget the conclusion

7. talk to someone about the conclusion I forgot

8. embarrass myself

9. begin writing about the forgotten conclusion

10. stop writing once i remember the conclusion

11. read something else

12. see if I can work it in

13. write a little bit

14. get distracted

15. write a little bit more

16. get distracted again

17. resolve to make some headway

18. get distracted instead

19. make some actual headway

20. earn myself a distraction

21. really write, all cylinders firing, remember how good it feels

22. force distraction to confirm that i am not any less distracted (do not want to develop an ego)

23. realize that I haven’t done enough, don’t deserve an eg0 (phew)

24. finish writing because I just don’t care anymore

25. realize that this conclusion was obvious

26. the piece is trash…might hold some redeeming quality in the future, who knows?

27. repeat