2015 favorites list

by plermpt

instead of making a list of what i wanted to make in 2015 i made a list of what i completed, and i didn’t even complete that list because i was distracted by something, i forget what exactly.

so this year i think i’m just gonna do stuff without thinking about how well it lists and hope that i remember it for next year’s list.

here’s a list of my fav books of 2015:

nightmare alley by william lindsay gresham

hard rain falling by don carpenter

the separation of business and state by ryan dawson

no longer human by osamu dazai

human smoke by nicholson baker

by night in chile by roberto bolano

the giver by lois lowry

we wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families by philip gourevitch

what we knew: terror, mass murder and everyday life in nazi germany: an oral history by eric a. johnson & karl-heinz reuband

JR (from what i read) by william gaddis

madame bovary by gustave flaubert

the silent cry by kenzaburo oe

steppenwolf by hermann hesse

the world america made by robert kagan

thanks everyone