reformed moron

by plermpt

the challenge to consistently create new work was the leading reason for plermpt’s creation, and over the past few years this commitment has proven beneficial.

in the early days, making consistent updates meant finding material to whine about. i wanted to be independent all my life, especially if that meant being poor, and when i overcame my struggles and was granted the privilege of poverty i celebrated with degeneracy. when i exceeded my expectations inklings of improvement to my staid and directionless lifestyle surfaced. in a post from july 2013 i blogged a list of stuff i wanted, and pondered drug dealing as a means to obtain it. it was the wrong method, but i was on the right track.

months later, after some other hard learned lessons, i wrote two consecutive posts that touched on my ignorance of politics and economics, respectively. the first post detailed my desire to cum while staring at an image of a youthful joseph stalin, where i concluded that, “… The Great Purge eliminated Stalin’s wrinkles, yet even dictators can die of old age….What really makes me cum? Whenever my assumptions are eviscerated by a new truth.


ok, so stalin was hot. so what? he still had wrinkles when he died of old age, and simply being young and hot doesn’t make his murder and imprisonment of innocent civilians forgivable when he is old and wrinkled. because i never imagined stalin as anything more than a historical character, finding this photo of him as a young man forced the realization that stalin had a history before he was a dictator. this image humanized him, and though i joked about ejaculating, it’s clear that it stirred my emotions. (i’m now mature enough to google images of hitler without a moustache.) this sentiment would only have been labelled as ‘harmless curiosity’ as opposed to the first stages of an embryonic extremist if my hypocrisy had not escalated in the post that followed.

when an oxfam study found, among other things, that the bottom half of the world’s population owns the same amount as the 85 richest people in the world, business mogul and shark tank host kevin o’ leary commented on the finding by saying “It gets everybody motivation to look up to the 1% and say ‘i want to be like them.” my vehemence for the man and his statement, guided by a session of TYT, inspired me to use my blog to vent my own grievances. back then, my utter lack of understanding economics (true of the majority of progressives and liberals that make up TYT audience) took the form of a rant against people telling me how to live. my post ended with, “I hate this guy for believing we are all like him. Even on his own show this fuckface should have kept his insulting, unpopular and completely untrue comments in his pocket because in the revolution he will publicly lose his throat.

although i’ve never seriously advocated for the harm of anyone, i still made an authoritarian statement because youthful emotion clouds reasonable judgement. a dictator like stalin rises to power by 1) being hot 2) appealing to the emotion of useful idiots and 3) killing those useful idiots after achieving the power. i used my heart to condemn kevin o’ leary, at the time believing that having wealth meant keeping it from those with less wealth, when only months earlier i was using my brain (somewhat) to try and improve my living standards in the same economic system that gave kevin o’ leary an equal opportunity to become stinking rich. liberal media outlets and my occupy brainwashed peers damned capitalism and the ‘evil greed’ of the right, to the point where i thought it ordinary to wish death on those that found success by working hard. emotion can be harnessed to dangerously alter perception by twisting facts into stories of good and evil.

i’m taking a new role by finally retracting my hypocrisy and owning up to what i said. two years is a fair amount of time to reexamine old beliefs because it’s not so long that i cannot remember what i was doing or where i was, and it’s not so short that i can’t observe a detect a positive change in myself.

as 2016 approaches and i read over the old posts that prove my naive and hypocritical worldview, i recall a more intimate reason for beginning this blog: to track my progress as an individual. (another benefit of blogging is having the platform to respond to my past self.) because i never drank the kool-aid, these are minor oversights in my otherwise grounded identity. nonetheless these knee jerk opinions are hardly petty; they still demonstrate routine bad thinking that i reversed with research and life experience.

see you in two years 😉