~in response to the flag burning group on fb~

by plermpt

before you burn the confederate flag as a symbol of solidarity against the “racist south” make sure to burn the united states flag to reverse this country’s eager genocide of the native americans, and don’t forget to resurrect eric garner by burning the new york state flag for declining to indict the racist police officers that killed him.

it’s disappointing to see so many “educated” people proving their ignorance by resorting to the mob mentality of a fucking flag burning. if we think about this rationally, how is the confederate flag more of a symbol of hatred than the flags of south africa and rhodesia? and why stop there? why not burn the israeli flag too? bc only after we’ve burned some flags will we have reversed all of the suffering forever…?but if you only feel like cherry picking atrocities why waste good cloth that can be repurposed as a diaper? why not simply burn images of the killer himself?

because hate is always misguided and the killer does not need more infamy. shift focus onto support for the families, who have shown forgiveness, instead of blaming a region for the act of one mentally ill individual; that’s like blaming all muslims for 9-11.

once the mainstream media has exhausted this story, i urge readers to do some historical research of their own, since history is never as straightforward as propaganda spins it. the civil war was not begun to end slavery; instead it’s causes were economically rooted: the confederacy wanted to secede from the union after years of unjust tariffs passed by a north dominated congress. additionally, there were slave states that had not seceded from the union, and fought for the north. reconstruction and carpetbaggers favored the north after the war, which is part of the reason why the south is the poorest region of the united states today.

awareness is critical in reversing trends of hatred, which is bred in environments of impoverished and uneducated.