happens every time

by plermpt

(a sun was peaking above the tips of the granaries, the sky a fade of flaxen ash. water dripped sparkling grey into sewers, draining beneath the street’s surface. industrial tubes of green, red and yellow crisscrossed against the sky in all directions.)


i was giving corinne a ride home in my forklift. as we witnessed the illumination of the streets she became obsessed with my ass. she slid her hand slowly down my back and dragged her open palm across it, moving her face towards my cheeks and nuzzling against my jean shorts. she caressed and fondled my ass as i operated the lift, imploring me to fart for her. i was requisitely tumescent without her touching my cock, and very enthusiastic to get us home, but the forklift could only move so fast.

her apartment was a cozy bed and breakfast nestled between warehouses, and on its porch were two rocking chairs facing the street, a matted quilt hanging over the banister. corinne hopped off the lift and waited for me to park it in front.

she stood waiting quietly on the sidewalk with her arms at her sides. i approached softly, hesitated, then reached underneath her sweater and caressed her torso, gliding my hands across her breasts and down her hips. without forewarning she pushed away from me and took off up the stairs, slamming her front door. when the drape in the bay window of her cozy cottage finally settled i meekly started my forklift and drove down the wet cobblestone streets, in the direction of the sunrise.