this is the perfect place to get jumped

Month: February, 2015

i know how it feels to kill a living thing

i now need to know how it feels to create one

My Most Personal And Searing ArtWork To Date

YOUR money is extremely vital to MY life and so please SERIOUSLY consider donating bc MY work cannot EXIST without any money bc Art needs Money to Live and be fulfilled.

lookin’ for some Dylans – m4m – 183


me and matt haven’t chilled with a Dylan since fuckin hs. the last Dylan i chilled with was Dylan Jung, so we’re overdue for some Dylan chillin’

just lookin for some chill Dylans to just fuckin kick back and chill with. you don’t have to be super into meth, and being bi is chill too ;P

about us: we’re chill. we drink. we smoke. we like to chill sometimes. eat good ass food. not literally. occasionally we’ll read. couches are our fave. and a warm sweatshirt is bomb too. idk. we’re a couple of cool dudes living a Dylanless lifestyle and want to change that.

obv we’ll accept all Dylans, but here are some choice Dylans we’ve scoped on google images so tell us what u think even if ur not Dylan we want to know what u think too as long as ur not kyle p.

dylan3 dylan2 dylan1 496977149_640

so like, just be urself and shit. we don’t expect u to be the next Dylan Fosket…we’ll take Dylan Strouse too if he wants to chill we are always down. we just don’t need another CallmeD12 Dylan. those Dylans have never been chill to history. too similar to kyle p.

also please NO kyles. there are too many kyles already. we DO NOT want to chill with any kyles, ok?! DO NOT respond to this kyle we don’t want to chill with you.

i’m chill. if you’re chill and ur name is Dylan let’s chill.