2014 memory jar

by plermpt

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 9.07.25 PMwhen i returned home from LA on january 2nd, 2014 i bought this empty jar, wrote my year’s first blissful memory on a scrap of paper and stuffed it inside, believing that the trend of consistent good fortune that was always overdue was finally on my horizon. i quickly realized that to be as accurate as possible my memory jar had to contain everything that i felt was significant, which meant looking past the veil of the mundane, and recording the misfortunes with tear stains on every shred.

sometimes if i wanted a real time transcript i would jot a note immediately. sometimes distancing myself from traumatic or disappointing events and viewing it sober would help me recollect more.

but memories are tricky. moments of significance, like meeting someone special for the first time, are usually overlooked; the weight of that person’s importance on life takes time to sink in. mundane events, like parties with friends, are often only illuminated by a microscopic occurrence, like a glass breaking, or finding a twenty dollar bill on the ground, or brian becker grabbing neil by the throat and telling him to gtfo after he drunkenly knocked over a stack of records. by reflecting on even the tiniest shreds, and singling out what i felt was important, i’ve learned to appreciate everything that happens, even if it is not auspicious.

the jars shredded content creates a grab bag meets jigsaw puzzle disclosure, and makes those microscopic memories i’ve “forgotten” become fonder with time, if i ever choose to crack it open.

here is my yearly list without commentary, maybe next year.


the disaster artist by greg sestero & tom bissell

nightwood by djuna barnes

her by christa parravini

waiting for godot by samuel beckett

malone dies by samuel beckett

the unnameable by samuel beckett

short stories by hp lovecraft

ethan frome by edith wharton

day of the locust/miss lonelyhearts by nathaniel west

the wind up bird chronicle by haruki murakami

tampa by alyssa nutting

snuff flique by michael hemmingson

my friend dahmer by derf backderf

junky by william s. burroughs

austerlitz by wg sebald

the recognitions by william gaddis

short stories of lydia davis

the blood oranges by john hawkes

revolutionary road by richard yates

i, etcetera by susan sontag

manderlay by andrea onstot

as i lay dying by william faulkner

the looming tower by lawerence wright


1991: the year punk broke (1992)

american hustle (2013)

river of fundament (2014)

her (2013)

possession (1981)

Nick Zedd showcase (1979-2014)

jodorowsky’s dune (2013)

fearless vampire killers (1967)

2001: a space odyssey (1968)

the conformist (1970)

fox and his friends (1975)

dying (1976)

blue mountains (1984)

daredevils (2013)

gone girl (2013)

the golden boat (1990)

distant (2002)

nymphomaniac vol. 1 & 2 (2013)

california split (1974)

mr. turner (2014)

some shows

r stevie moore, greg wilson @ issue project room

sun araw, mark mcguire @ body actualized

mark fell @ issue project room

hardcore activity in progress

tecate hell @ silent barn

la luz @ death by audio

styrofoam sanchez @ silent barn

white lung @ palisades

danny brown @ house of vans

dam funk warm-up @ ps1

the rebel @ death by audio

naka naka lxv rsk gene pick @ heaven’s gate

ergot records showcase @ trans pecos

teengirl fantasy @ palisades

some art

the last brucennial



matisse cut outs, christopher williams

bill morrison

grace exhibition space

ny art book fair

youtube favorites