a recent nightmare

by plermpt

i was tripping on mushrooms and skipping down the boardwalk towards “chelsea” with kelly and her friends, its skyline shrouded in the ashen fog of an early morning, our portable stereo resembling an electric heater, some low hanging, fruit bearing olive branches scratching my scalp.

i wasn’t intimidated when i noticed the flashing lights of police cruisers just ahead, and continued to lead the group with my skips. one of the officers had a camera lens focused on me, and followed my movements as i skipped past him and smugly pointed at my chest saying ‘right here yo, right here.’

using my explicit gesture as incentive, another officer shrugged his shoulders and produced a SWAT rifle. i looked from kelly to the flashing lights of the convoy and quickened my futile skip. as the officers took aim with their cameras and rifles i knew i was dying with proof that i had asked for it.