our police state

by plermpt

an fbi report on the deaths of law enforcement officials (LEOs) in 2013 proves that the intentional murders of cops is down from previous years. i recommend reading this article, which does a great job breaking down that report, revealing that only “76 were killed in “line-of-duty” incidents. 27 died as a result of “felonious” acts and 49 officers died in accidentsnamely, automobile (ironically, of the 23 killed in car accidents, 14 were not wearing seat beltsa violation for which cops routinely ticket drivers). More officers die from accidents than actual murders on the job.”

there are more civilian deaths by those sworn to protect and serve than there are civilian deaths by terrorists who want to destroy our “freedoms.” these “terrorists” have successfully turned the united states government against its people, limiting our rights to protect us when, ironically, the united states government has funded terror cells under the excuse of ‘expanding democracy’ in a politically and economically turbulent region that we helped to create.


i live in a nyc where it’s ordinary to hear announcements on the subways that warn passengers of “random searches by the police.” FUCK THAT. so long as we are living in america, we are protected by the fourth amendment, which keeps us “secure from unreasonable search and seizure.” if we continue to make exceptions our gov will take further advantage. we need to protect our liberties by knowing our rights, and then when we are confronted by the bullies, we need to stand up for them. these liberties are worth fighting for, because people have died protecting them.