Yelp Removed My Only 5 Star Review

by plermpt

“…because it lacks a sincere, firsthand customer experience.”

Decide for yourself:

the best time to steal from bread and butter is weekdays at 12:27pm.

for twenty consecutive weekdays i stole a plate of food from b&b’s buffet and ate it at the table along the window. beside the fried calamari (only served on Fridays) the coconut shrimp was my favorite, and i returned for seconds on days i was feeling invulnerable.

there is a substantial selection, with a station for every major food nationality, excluding middle eastern. however, i only felt comfortable stealing from the sushi counter, since it was already packaged and displayed, and i didn’t need to place an order with the itamae. i do believe it is possible to steal from the other stations at 12:27pm, as long as you place your order with a relaxed tone, wear loose fitting clothing, and take a furtive stroll around the grocery aisles in the back before confidently walking out the door.