for the record

by plermpt

i still fall asleep to music, but since spring i’ve been tossing and turning to albums in their entirety. when the album finally ends, I begin pacing my room before queuing another album and returning to bed with eyes wide. it seems like i have forgotten how to sleep.

this is attributed to the summer’s bloom, which has again stirred my ambition. last year’s drug dealing scheme proved erroneous, as my first step towards this life of crime was kindly dismissed by my supplier when i tried to purchase weight with a check. this year’s scheme draws upon my libidinous character to produce a body of photographic work that will someday lead to a handsome compensation.

in addition to my full time job, my blogs, and my photo scheme i’ve begun work on an unofficial trilogy.

you want a movie motherfucker? i’ll give you three:

(please note that besides an imminent, undisclosed completion date everything listed below is subject to change.)

Right Here (II)

Right Here (I) was a work in progress, and I consider Right Here (II) to be a continuation of that work because my neighborhood is still in its tragic flux. I’ll be visiting construction sites daily, hopping fences and maintaining my charms and composure while alienating strangers with one free hand and holding a camera with the other. This is a straightforward but physically demanding project.

“The Dollar Party”

my mounting rage requires new topics and outlets for expression. the comfort zone i built with right here needs to be destroyed by “the dollar party”. i dont believe in shot lists or budgets or rights or a legal department or superfluous industry producer roles. this could be my manifesto. or a dismantling of my unwritten manifesto. whatever it is, i don’t expect recognition or payment or tranquility. i expect passion, spirit over perfection, and hopefully, relief.

Script for a Movie

Hollywood is bullshit. I want to produce and direct erotic cinema. This will be a script, and it will be produced in the tradition of The Industry, but it won’t require a massive budget, and it won’t be a hackneyed piece of glitter covered shit like True Detective. it will be shot to a professional standard and distributed to festivals (by someone that isn’t me) like an industry hopeful, but it won’t be picked up because it will be too “pornographic.” people are boring. i have one scene written, but summer is not the time to be cooped up writing all day…i’ve got some trespassing to do.