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by plermpt

as a kid i would repeatedly and exclusively read roger ebert’s (RIP) worst reviewed movies from his 1988 yearbook because my parents would never have let me rent Caligula from the library. the reviews became their own form of entertainment, and as a result i read more reviews than i watched movies. misunderstanding my deflected desires as a keen interest, my mother suggested i become a critic when i grew up. conversely, one of my dad’s many grumbled, canned phrases that he imparted as personal wisdom was that ‘everyone is a critic.’ Confused, I merrily continued to read my reviews, considering a professional critic’s life until i finally watched a movie my parents didn’t approve.

back then i couldn’t be both, so i chose the path of the filmmaker when my interests reached their inevitable crossroads because everyone is a critic, and i wanted to be unique.

media professionals still exist today, but now they must compete with a rich landscape that has begotten hyper talented filmmakers and photographers that triple as frequently vocal critics. i join the ranks at