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Month: April, 2014


i was alone in the equipment closet with alex. i wore a black mask and a long black cloak that touched the floor. he wasn’t saying anything. i made him take his pants off. i turned my head to make sure the door was closed. when i turned back his pants were off and he shrunk three feet. he was now extremely rotund, his belly as wide as a barrel, and draped in a bright green smock that stopped at his waist and revealed nubby schoolboy legs. i turned on my deep, sexy voice of approval, and biting my lip said: oh, you’re so small… then i lifted him up, cradling his small body against my chest as I placed him in a hamper full of cable.

children are objects

a boyfriend is an object that makes you cum, while a girlfriend is an object you cum in.

unlike a sex doll or a vibrator, these objects are alive.

given time, these objects can form relationships (pacts of love), which causes them to transcend the object status with one another.

these pacts of love are coupled with the perpetual desire for physical pleasure, which can itself create an object: a child.

sometimes there are no pacts of love involved, and the child (object) is created between two objects.

a child is an interactive, expensive and sometimes disappointing object that, like the boyfriend/girlfriend before it, lives.

living means that the child is emotionally influenced by the parents’ every action.

unlike a car, which is another interactive, expensive and sometimes disappointing object, a child evolves.

dogs are also living objects.

they are made from the cum of other dogs.

however, dogs are purchased, like cars.

dogs are also interactive, expensive and sometimes disappointing.

it is possible to interact emotionally with dogs.

children can interact emotionally with dogs.

dogs don’t necessarily evolve; they become larger.

or sometimes they don’t. it depends on the dog.


it is agreed during a relationship that creating a child is maybe not necessary, but definitely desired.

against its nonexistent will a child is created.

it wants to be created, it just doesn’t know it yet.

upon their objects successful birth the creators receive the title of ‘parents’.

the creators (parents) love each other, but they love their object more.

if necessary they will kill one another for the well being of the child.

the child sort of gets this but later on.

the child begins as a selfish and unaware thing that demands constant attention.

a child only knows what it needs, and over time, learns and employs tactics to achieve its needs.

the parents of the object suffer through the child’s unremitting shrieks because they love it.

all freedom is sacrificed for the object.

the creators go into public with their object.

fun can only be experienced with their object.

they share stories with other creators about their individual objects.

they are all very proud of their objects.

love deludes them.

if a child becomes sentient it will question its reason for existence.

(if a dog ever reaches sentience it will be unable to communicate itself.)

(a car can never reach sentience.)

the creator of the object needs to supply the answers to these questions.

often the creators of the object cannot answer these questions for themselves.

people that are not parents can have love/hate relationships with non-living objects without consequence.

because a child is a living object it strongly reacts to love and hate.

people that are not parents will never understand.

over time, a physically healthy child will become a baffling and infuriating teen.

the creators will still view this evolving object as their child.

the teen will not accept this.

what follows is a period of unrest, which will push every limit of the parents.

they accept the challenge because this is why they wanted a child in the first place.

when the child’s hormones cool down, a healthy teen will become eventually become a disappointing adult.

at the end of these years the creators are left ragged and impoverished.

they only have love left for their child.

making other humans is not challenging; more challenging is finding someone who wants to make another human with you; further challenges are raising and providing for this complex object untilit can provide for itself.

get a dog because when they reach the age when they can disappoint and/or provide for themselves (in human years) they will die.

cars are bad for the environment.

shane’s pussy

i hadn’t seen shane since his schizophrenia surfaced three years ago, yet i was sitting with him in my parent’s kitchen circa 1984 (before my dad renovated it) and discussing moving into dennis’s old apartment with him.

shane explained that nan, dennis’s quiet ex-roommate, ceaselessly called him, leaving countless voicemails begging him to sign the lease. nan offered to split his room with shane and promised that he would never be home. they just needed a third person to fill the last bedroom, and shane was trying to convince me to split it with someone.

i looked out of my parent’s kitchen window and saw two tan girls sitting on the stoop gossiping, and thought about how much i love my parent’s kitchen.

shane was naked cooking a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes. his movements were slow and measured: he didn’t let the bacon cook for too long on either side; he didn’t beat the eggs or the pancakes one beat more than they needed. i thought that splitting a room in dennis’s old apartment would be a betrayal. i told shane that if i really wanted to move i could live for free in my parent’s kitchen as long as i ate their dinners.

whether accidental or purposeful shane lifted his legs and revealed a softly shaven, white pussy. the edges around his asshole were faded brown. i looked deeply into his pussy and just as quickly as his legs went up they came down. he walked back to the stove and continued to cook breakfast. i thought, ‘it wouldn’t be so bad to fuck shane.’ then i thought, ‘shane and i should fuck. does my dad care if we fuck? maybe my dad wants to fuck shane too. it would be fun to fuck shane. i didn’t know shane had a pussy. what would be wrong about fucking shane?’