Letter to God

by plermpt


“…think maybe my philosophy is better than the new jesus philosophy, it’s a very simple philosophy, but i’m pretty sure it’s better than the other ones too, cus i think it’s something everyone really wants, which is to get their pussies sucked and their dicks licked, especially better than the jesus one which was all only about just sucking jesus dick and licking jesus pussy cus, you know, i know he had both, he was the messiah or whatever, he came with both, and he wanted everyone to get licked and sucked, not just his, he was the prophet for a reason, and now today everyone forgets he wanted everyone’s pussies/dicks to get licked/ sucked by all everyone often not just his, he was admired cus he had both pieces, a real piece of magic and a true shred of heaven, so we can all do our best to lick and suck as many as we can cus that is the gift, forgetful people the prophets, all of them, Muhammed, even the prophet Mark, they all had both, they all say the same, get a taste as soon as possible, but i don’t agree/like this new interpretation of the prophet mythologies cus haters lose sight of equality…that everyone it makes no difference if they have got three pussies or half a pussy or a teeny dick or a dick inside a pussy, there is love out there and someone loves you to want to lick/suck whatever you got underneath, we just need to lick the ones we care about…that’s my philosophy, God, i know you approve, i know you know i have “writer’s block” and i have to use my camera and talk myself through it, and that you agree that everyone deserves to get their dicks licked and their pussies sucked, and why everyone, me included, we do and make and contribute so we can feel this love in our pussies from dicks that we want to be loved by and that is why everyone does stuff, and God looks down at us and hopes we will all be loved by each other like he loves all of us, and he gave us all dicks and pussies different sizes and flavors because God is an artist and a creative being, he gave us a reason for life, to experience love is unique, he has endless blueprints, and remembers that emotional pain only lasts twenty minutes, everything more is self inflicted, so just remember that gifts come in many packages, and i do this because now i believe in you, this wasn’t meant to be for you, God wants a dick and a pussy but can’t have a body, so he gave the bodies to the prophets and us too, and God, made me feel better about all the love.


i know that i feel better, that God has inspired me to love all dicks and pussies and eggs, not be afraid of loving everyone, and you believe in me, i believe in you, and we are all children of God, even children that refuse to believe in love, that’s really important, that even though i am alone right now, i’m not, actually, because you are here. There might be an alligator behind me, or another zombie, maybe Mark, he is here too, but we are here together. I feel fulfillment now. Thanks.”