i want to share a dream i had last week

by plermpt

There was a hole in the head of my penis, for the pee to come out, and there was a little fluff, like laundry lint that was stuck inside and hanging out of that hole.

The fluff wouldn’t budge when I tugged it, so I squeezed the head of my penis and widened the hole to get a better look and maybe loosen it.

When my hole widened, I peeled the head back like tulip petals, which didn’t shock or repulse me, despite my typical genital transmogrification queasiness.

Curiosity drove me; I love to peel, but didn’t know that this painless, seemingly straightforward operation was possible.

The peeling revealed two rows of nubby teeth on opposite sides of the hole, and the laundry fluff entwined between my penis teeth. I tugged, but it didn’t come loose.