The Worst

by plermpt

According to that recent study by Oxfam, the bottom half of the world’s population owns the same amount as the 85 richest people in the world. This stat is not astonishing, but this fucking idiot’s reaction is:

Despite its numerous contradictions and the exhausted “We Are The 99%” maxim, the most important thing to remember about OWS is its greatness in unveiling the disparity of wealth in the US on a massive scale, thus making it a household issue. As a result this stat is no longer a surprise, but this dipshit made me feel like there never was an OWS. Every sentence formed from his lips made wince with confusion. (I realize this shithead is venture capitalist Kevin O’ Leary, a judge or a host of a show called Shark Tank, and it’s possible that he is acting on request by the producers to voice a repulsive opinion because his remarks are suspiciously monstrous, but for the sake of my opinion I will not give him the benefit of the doubt.)

“It gets everybody motivation to look up to the 1% and say ‘i want to be like them.'”

This asshole does not speak for me. I do not want to be like him. This stat does not motivate me to become the 1%. Wealth is not everything and it is not synonymous with success and every 99 percenter knows this because its true and makes me feel better. Only the most vapid, materialistic people would be inspired by this shithead’s exultation of ‘fantastic news.’ 99% of people can’t be the 1%, therefore “everybody” can’t be motivated by money alone. People can be motivated by power, sex, or glory for instance.

“…celebratory stat. I’m wonderful to see it happen.”

This dickhead is also a phony; He’s not celebrating for the collective “motivation” of the 99%, he’s celebrating because it’s proof that wealth will never be evenly distributed.

“If you work hard you might be stinking rich someday.”

It’s cool that you like making money dude. I’m glad that you found something you’re so good at that you got noticed and hired for a tv show where you’re allowed to spout your opinion to the very small group of people that care about it. I would very much like to have a tv show too, so I can serve the very small group of people that might care about what I have to say. And if I work hard and start recording my podcast maybe I’ll get a talk show too. But I wouldn’t do it just to be “stinking rich”. You are wrong, not everyone is like you. I don’t want to wear a suit everyday. Besides, no matter how hard I work I still wouldn’t budge an inch in finance. If I work hard I can someday dismantle this unfair system. Or, I can work hard for something that I care for personally and pretend like the 1% don’t exist because they are already physically and mentally removed from my reality that it wouldn’t take much effort to ignore them and allow them to drift their invisible fingers across the political infrastructure of this country like the soft stroke of lovers. After all, they’ve been doing it for thousands of years.

I hate this guy for believing we are all like him. Even on his own show this fuckface should have kept his insulting, unpopular and completely untrue comments in his pocket because in the revolution he will publicly lose his throat. He probably doesn’t even buy art with his money. It’s important to work hard for what you believe, but it’s also good to be grounded and empty your cat’s litter box once in a while.