robbed again

by plermpt

so my dream of sitting on a couch beside Angie on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as Angie plays and hundreds of audience members clap enthusiastically has been dashed because my video is going viral on someone else’s channel.

from my window i heard the moaning of what sounded like a wounded mongrel, and when it persisted i investigated. the families in the apartment next door were recently removed, and the building was gutted and renovated to accommodate the glut of incoming valueless yuppies, and Angie, an artifact of olde Bushwick, used the stairwell as a temporary coffer for her narcotics. i called the paramedics and debated the ethics of grabbing my camera when the apartment’s residents emerged with scowls of disgusted annoyance. i wanted to capture the bifurcation of the neighborhood’s residents as part of a larger documentary about the hood in transition, but Angie’s disturbing behavior sort of stole the show. there is some downtime in the footage before Angie’s harrowing escape attempt and before the clueless paramedics work their magic, where i make my comments to my friends on the unfolding trauma, but i left it out intentionally bc the focus should only be on the baleful effects of drugs on Angie, not the baleful effects of Angie’s behavior on me.

plermpt is not a brand and Angie is not a character of my creation. virality should never be an intention for video makers bc it always leads to bad videos and is never indicative of a video’s worth. i make lots of videos that are largely ignored, (as do many people) so i would know.

as a filmmaker and photographer i contribute by capturing and preserving moments. depravity is just something i am very interested in. i can’t stay mad that this video has reached a wider audience and sparked discourse; this brings me hope that something positive can come from something so negative.

however, recognition should not be a luxury. normally i am ecstatic with receiving 500 views bc those views are on my personal channel. i only become upset when somebody takes my work and passes it as their own (as do many people). that being said, there is nothing i can do besides send RWJ a link to my channel.

my last encounter with angie was late one night in sept 2012. while enroute to the subway to meet my friend, i found her bottomless in the middle of the street, rolling backwards on her spine. my friend wanted to see her, and as we passed he tried to record it on his phone. angie took offense and threatened us, chasing me down the street, jiggling her cock and wailing, “Suck my dick, faggot!” the hermaphrodite rumors were true.