i wrote this right in the box

by plermpt

some stuff i want/need after i pay my credit card bill on the 11th:

  1. ear ring
  2. passport
  3. tampa by alyssa nutting
  4. paint pen
  5. new boots

some stuff that i need to save up for over the next few months:

  1. Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens

some stuff to think about:

  1. almond/cashew/pecan butter/milk
  2. cheese cake with cream cheese frosting

i am not a greedy motherfucker because i don’t want millions of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, but i do want more money, just a couple of thousand more. i want more money because i want to own nicer things and live with less people and go on trips and not worry about spending my paltry supply of dollars and possibly becoming poor and bored.

after choosing to make more money thinking about making more money has become a part of my everyday routine. i wake up every morning and say to myself ‘what can i do to make more money today?’

there are two kinds of money: slow money and fast money. Fabolous once said, “Everybody knows slow money is way better than no money, except for those who don’t know shit, don’t know women and don’t know money.” Definitely Fabolous is smarter than I am because he spent his time working hard writing raps with a plan in mind, but as far as being someone “who don’t know shit” Fabolous can speak for himself because i do have a plan for slow money but right now i need fast money because in addition to the things that i need i am also expecting a lump of new bills with little ways to pay them.

to get fast money i need side hustle (which btw is antithetical to a salary because working on a salary is basically an agreement to make less money than is deserved).

(as i type this there are flies at my desk swing dancing with one another next to my mouth and my eyes. i spray them with my bleach hose but they won’t go away.)

a friend of mine does computer repairs. another friend sells psilocybin mushrooms. i used to sell subscriptions for the ny times on the weekends. but that was almost two years ago.

now i want to deal drugs. i will start dealing drugs to save up for the canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM ultra wide angle zoom lens because once i have the lens i can use it to get better paying jobs and i won’t have to deal drugs unless i enjoy it, which i won’t, because i’ll be stressed and paranoid that the feds will be tipped off after somebody reads this post and reports me because they enjoy being an anonymous tattle tale faggot. I won’t publish to facebook for this one.

i haven’t started dealing drugs yet, but according to Sergio I should start by becoming sponsored: attain the trust of a successful drug dealer who is looking to become a supplier and convince them to lend me a sizable amount of drugs which i’ll agree to sell for them in too short a duration of time for a meager cut of the profits. basically: be persistent, charming, resilient and motivated. Hey, becoming those things were on my list of things to do anyway. This might just be the job for me.