by plermpt


“Everybody is different and that’s love.”


Left a crumb of raw cocaine in Tommy’s belly button last night, he laid on his back with dingy undershirt pulled above it, twirling curls like a baby with a thumb in his mouth, sucking himself while I sucked him it was exactly like poetry. We were just people looking for fucks without giving any.


The man that asked the best questions at the green smoothie seminar looked like he had a fat suit on, maybe it was water weight, or maybe he exaggerated his fasting habits, but his questions were specific and advanced, leaving me suspicious: “Can I use water that I boiled my spinach in as a base for my smoothie?” Another great question, yes of course.


The only rapper to ever put a big girl on stage, doing pushups in a hotel room. Apply lubricant beneath the 2K, gives the appearance of perspiration, every ‘performance’ is filmed on a sound stage, Central Casting networks provides the extras, they get paid $50 each and leave with free bananas, six a piece. No real fans, but who needs fans when you’ve got gin? Pop does Tommy, gun bubbles, watch her go boom, all pink insides, like pepperoni pizza balloons, let her milk the green total scum, drinking the afternoon beside the lake we ate KFC, he bought a salad, vegan pussy won’t take cheese with his chicken cheese. I can’t eat Alfredo, I won’t eat Alfredo; my hate becomes a love so I can concentrate on painting my memories from memories. Ay Papi, que bonito.


“Men are malicious, and me being one of them, I know. I will wish no maliciousness on anyone nor will i inflict it. Men have an inner evil that keeps them from being able to level, from anybody, even from their fellow men. That’s why anybody asks the question really, just that men seem to, and don’t get me wrong, Margaret Mead says it takes a small group, I completely understand what it takes to make the world move. It’s not a law to be free…it’s not a right to be free, if we were free then free thinkers would be heard. Yeah we have a constitution, but it’s not upheld. My thoughts need to be opinionated upon.”

-Chris, 23, The Doe Fund