some poetry

by plermpt

the poet

the poet is on YouTube   the poet will write you a poem   the poet drinks coffee   the poet rocks back and forth  the poet drinks a coffee   the poet is writing a poem   the poet drinks a coffee   the poet is coughing   the poet drinks coffee   the poet smells like shit today   the poet drinks coffee   the poet is hassled by the police again   the poet smells shitty   the poet is writing a poem   everyone laughs at the poet   the poet never goes out anymore   the poet laughs   the poet will take a shit on you   the poet drinks coffee   the poet is on YouTube   the poet is a piece of shit   the poet is alone   the poet looks for headphones   the poet wets himself   the poet snores   the poet recites a poem   the poet poops   the poet recites another poem   the poet drinks coffee   the poet pees   the poet drinks coffee   the poet writes a poem   the poet chews on his pen   the poet chews on his styrofoam cup   the poet poops again   the poet doesn’t have a home anymore   the poet doesn’t sleep on a couch anymore   the poet drinks coffee  the poet laughs up phlegm   the poet poops again  the poet sheds a tear for himself   the poet sits on newspaper  the poet rocks back and forth   the poet opens his mouth   the poet chuckles   the police hassle the poet    the poet wears sweatpants   the poet rubs his eyes with dirty hands   the poet wants a real job   the poet is sticky again   the poet drinks some coffee   the poet yawns   the poet rubs his eyes with his sticky hands   the poet presses his knees to his chest and rocks back and forth   i feel no sympathy for the poet   the poet poops himself   the poet smells shitty  the poet resembles a bag of shit   the poet shits a lot   the poet naps a lot    the poet is easy to recognize   the poet is reciting poetry, but no one hears him because the poet is really timid   i can smell the poet’s crotch from here   the poet has sores on his lips   the poet has eczema on his ankles again   the poet grinds his teeth    oh my god, the poet is sticky again, for the third time the poet is sticky    if the poet stops moving, he’ll die   hm…the poet doesn’t scratch his eczema    the poet fingers his sores though   the poet thinks we friends the poet   the poet is begging for shit    the poet limps in my direction    the poet is alone    the poet’s smile is all gum and now his feet are sticky   the poet eats with his hands   the poet is totally unaware of his surroundings   the poet has a boog on his upper lip   the poet pretends to be reading   the poet is probably uneducated and gay   the poet hasn’t  the poet won’t wont, but the poet is   ew, the poet   yuck, the poet   sniff, the poet   ha, the poet   the poet, what? there are pieces of the poet   there are some shreds of the poet   the poet   the poet is   the poet sits on his hands   i hate the poet  i hate the poet  when the poet disappears   the poet has pudding on his hands   the poet forgot   the poet is running   the poet sure is

the poet is gone

I Am More Human Than You

I am not the most human, but I am more human than you.

My breath smells like my farts, which are smellier than yours
I waste time better than you do; I stare at walls and think about myself
When I don’t think about myself I think about how other people think about me
but I never think how others relate to me, unless I’m comparing my humanity with theirs

It is spectacular how unremarkable I am
It is remarkable how dirty and inconsiderate I am

When I work I work harder than you; I don’t sleep. I don’t take shits. I don’t have time for shits.
But when I do sleep I sleep harder than you. I sleep for fifteen hours. (and I don’t have time for shits.)

When I shit I shit harder than you. And more than you. I am shitting right now.

I don’t apologize for my shits.
I don’t apologize. (When I do I am insincere.)

I want to know what everyone is eating at all times. I like to tell everyone what I am eating at all times.

I blame others.
I keep food in my bed.
I inadvertently hurt others.
I prepare meals in bed.

I want to know when everyone is shitting. I like to tell everyone when I am shitting.

I admit that I am great without using the word great.

But I admit when I am ashamed by using the word ashamed.

I am more desperate for affection. I just keep that desperation bottled inside of me.
Oh yeah, I bottle my anguish harder than you ever will.
That energy, when released destroys other humans than are less human than I am.
I don’t mean to kill, but my mistakes are more devastating than yours.

Don’t you dare say you are different from me. We are the same.
I am just more.