Angel Angels

by plermpt

Said he liked the sound of my last name. Asked its etymology. Thought it would look good on a t-shirt.

Working on a personal brand, but wouldn’t divulge its name. His only hint was the name William.

Claimed that if he became a billionaire he still wouldn’t spend money on Prada, Gucci, Louie Vuitton, preferring a unique style over expensive labels.

Nearly puked when I asked him if he thought Fendi made fur coats.

I said I’d buy one if it was covered in red paint. He said I had a hipster style.

Doesn’t get drunk on liquor anymore.

Thought I was being sarcastic when I said Hennessy was too expensive for me.

Dug myself into a deeper hole when I said I only drink Patron when its offered.

He laughed and said he liked meeting people with wacky personalities.

Once our conversation turned personal we were inexplicably surrounded by new, unwelcome faces ready to eavesdrop.

We decided to hold off until Monday.