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Month: September, 2012

iPod image dump #1

my mom hated this

The school

was shaped like a spiral, the center of which was a maelstrom of pitch. I was being lead through the dimly lit hallways by the principal: a tall woman with frizzy hair in a skintight black and red jumpsuit. My job was to take the disturbed children out of class for a mandatory stint locked in a closet with a demon. She shadowed me while I escorted my first kid: silent, with dark eyes and a mushroom cut. I opened the door and the kid calmly walked inside to meet the faint outline of a scrawny, veined demon with wet tentacles. As I closed and locked the door from the outside I noticed the kid shut his eyes tightly as the demon slithered towards him.

The principal then escorted me to the top of the spiral, where she fed the maelstrom by dumping one bucket of blood and one bucket of shit into it. She dove in after them, swimming against the current and beckoning me to join her. I did, and immediately sank to the bottom.