Newest Sex Offender

by plermpt

I wanted to cum, so I pulled my cock out of my fly in the middle of the street and came into my hand, much to my friend’s embarrassment.  We continued down the sidewalk and it became narrow as we walked passed a construction site. Behind us was a woman with a stroller, and I felt the presence of a police officer coming up behind her. I relaxed when I heard him say, “Excuse me m’am,” and then panicked when I heard him yell “Sir!”

He asked me if I had just cum, and I looked down at my fly, which was still unbuttoned, with flecks of cum dotting the seam, and I looked at him and shook my head: “No.” Then he requested my ID and I held it out, asking him in a jocular tone if I was a sex offender now. Without replying he handed me a battered red business card, with the words “Sex Offender” in Cooper Black font across the top.

The card had a listing of coupons, though the only one I remember was $10 for “Devin’s Pizza.”